Washington, DC—The Alliance for Global Food Security urges Congress to pass the Agricultural Act of 2014, which reauthorizes international food aid programs that provide critical assistance to 60 million people a year—Food for Peace (PL 480), Food for Progress and McGovern-Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition programs. Importantly, under the PL 480 Title II donation program, at least $350 million is provided each year for development-focused food aid programs that improve the nutrition, agricultural productivity and incomes of poor, malnourished populations.  Helping people become self-reliant is the smart way of improving food aid effectiveness in poor communities and crisis-prone areas.

The bill provides added flexibility in a variety of ways such as allowing PL 480 Title II funds to be used to support logistics and development activities in cases where monetization is not a good option; expanding pre-positioning of food commodities at strategic locations for more rapid emergency response; enhancing the quality of food products to meet the special nutritional needs of very young, malnourished children; and authorizing $80 million for USDA to implement Local-Regional Procurement programs.  In addition, through the innovative Food for Progress program, agricultural systems in developing countries are strengthened, improving the quality and quantity of food, increasing incomes and spurring broad-based economic growth.

The Alliance is comprised of private voluntary organizations that are committed to addressing hunger, malnutrition and food insecurity.  They operate in over 100 developing countries, implementing emergency and development programs that build the capacity of local communities, enterprises and institutions.

Alliance for Global Food SecurityDevelopment Organizations Urge Passage of the New Farm Bill